A Fundamental Shift in Cancer Care

At Aulos, we’re on a journey to revolutionize cancer patient care through the development of pioneering IL-2 therapeutics that we believe will transform the treatment of solid tumor cancers. We’re taking on the toughest challenges that have limited the effectiveness of IL-2 therapies: the ability to shift IL-2 activity toward immune activation and away from immune suppression, and preventing the toxic side effects of interleukin-2, including vascular leak syndrome and pulmonary edema.


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Initial results from dose escalation of a phase 1/2, first-in-human, open label study of AU-007, a monoclonal antibody that binds to IL-2 and prevents its binding to CD25, in patients with solid tumors

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Aulos stands apart through our new approach to long-standing obstacles in immunotherapy.


AU-007: An Investigational Product Candidate

AU-007 achieves what we believe no other IL-2 therapeutic in development does: tip the balance toward immune activation and prevent binding to vasculature and pulmonary endothelium.

AU-007 Vial

Our novel therapeutic candidate is designed to exquisitely direct the body’s immune system to kill tumor cells by more safely and effectively unleashing the anti-cancer power of IL-2.