About Us

Revolutionizing Treatment for Cancer

At Aulos, we’re discovering, evaluating and delivering on the promise of computationally designed monoclonal antibodies to transform cancer patient care.

Changemaker status in the immuno-oncology field

Our initial clinical candidate, AU-007, stands distinctly separate from all other current IL-2 therapeutics with a novel approach that we believe addresses one of the most challenging medical issues of our times – the need to eradicate cancer.

By unlocking the anti-cancer power of interleukin-2, we are dismantling barriers in immuno-oncology with a unique immunotherapy that has been computationally designed to exquisitely direct the body’s immune system toward killing tumor cells.

Grounded in science, propelled by innovation

Our approach is rooted in Biolojic Design’s innovative artificial intelligence antibody design platform that uses machine learning algorithms to meticulously design precise, functional human monoclonal antibodies for novel therapeutic activities.

We are on a passionate endeavor to bring markedly improved treatment options to patients suffering from debilitating solid tumor cancers.

Continuing our journey to revolutionize cancer care

Based on a growing body of evidence demonstrating a well-tolerated safety profile and early anti-tumor activity of AU-007, we initiated the Phase 2 portion of our Phase 1/2 clinical program.

Learn about the latest developments in our AU-007 clinical program.


Aulos’ lead antibody, AU-007, offers an elegantly simple solution for harnessing the immunotherapeutic power of IL-2.