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Aulos Bioscience raises $20 million in series A to further alternative IL-2 approach

August 21, 2023 | PDF 49KB

CEO Aron Knickerbocker speaks with BioWorld about the company’s $20 million Series A extension funding, the science behind AU-007 and the latest on its Phase 1/2 clinical study in solid tumor cancers.

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Life Science Leader

Leading Aulos Bioscience’s “Triumvirate” Model

June 1, 2023

During an interview with Life Science Leader, CEO Aron Knickerbocker discusses Aulos’ commitment to maximizing the ingenuity of a balanced team and continuing development of AU-007, the company’s lead candidate.

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Nature Biotechnology

IL-2 upgrades show promise at ASCO

July 13, 2022

Nature Biotechnology looks at IL-2 therapeutics, including AU-007 and its unique ability to bind to IL-2, blocking activation of trimeric receptors on Tregs and endothelial cells while stimulating effector T cells and NK cells.