Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Mimic Natural Antibody Selection

Aulos is developing a computationally designed, epitope-specific human monoclonal antibody therapeutic that we believe will more safely and effectively unlock the anti-cancer power of interleukin-2 to fundamentally change solid tumor treatment.

A rationally designed antibody using world-class machine learning

The artificial intelligence discovery platform developed by our co-founding partner, Biolojic Design, mimics the way the immune system makes antibodies. It employs proprietary machine learning algorithms to rationally design specific, highly selective and effective functional monoclonal antibodies. Our lead mAb binds IL-2 and prevents it from interacting with CD25. This allows our mAb to direct exogenous and endogenous IL-2 cytokine to specific target cells, driving expansion of effector T cells, NK cells and NKT cells, and downregulating regulatory T cells. Through this mechanism of action, we believe that our novel therapeutic antibody, AU-007, offers best-in-class potential for solid tumor treatment due to its ability to trigger an immune system attack against tumor cells without eliciting IL-2’s immunosuppressive and toxic effects.

"A rationally designed antibody using world-class machine learning "

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